Over 20 Years of Web and Digital Solutions

Since 1999, web and digital services have been our passion and your solution. Square Web Solutions handles more than just websites; we offer a wide range of digital solutions aligned to your business. These range from website design and development all the way to digital brand management. Let us find the right solution for your business or brand.

Award Winning Customer Service

Our goal is to provide the highest level of customer service available. This goes way beyond the industry standard of “submitting a ticket” or account representatives that may not be versed in a specific issue; our goal is to be able to have solutions readily available for your business need. This means that you will speak to the digital specialist directly and they will get started on your request pretty much immediately. No more back-and-forth, submitting a ticket, emailing, calling and waiting on hold or waiting days or weeks for the task or project to even start. We are ready when you are ready! In order to provide this premier level of service we do require paid retainer agreements to be readily available to you, whether it be during standard business hours or 24 hours a day 7 days a week. No one can beat our level of service.*

*Claim based on platinum level retainer with 24 hour access via cell with a certified web developer.