Price Calculator for Website and App Development

Below is an embedded website and app development price calculator. Please note that this serves only as an estimate and illustration and not a guarantee, agreement or contract of services implied or otherwise. Typically we try to honor the estimate as best we can, but there may be other factors that increase or even decrease the fee. i.e Rushes/Expedited deadlines, domain name registration, hosting, continued maintenance and/or management, additional items and/or services not listed on the cost calculator etc…)

For additional information on costs please visit our Fee Schedule page.

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Additional Features
Contact Form
Scheduling/Booking System
Mailing List / Mass Mailing Program
Mobile Responsive
Shopping Cart/E-Commerce
Social Media Feeds
Site Search
Addition work

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***Please note that this is just an estimate and not an agreement of services. For further details or to request an official agreement for work needed, please speak with one of our representatives by calling our office at (804) 601-4472 or email us at [email protected]